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The MPM projects, forms specialists with a strong academic Foundation, providing them with the knowledge and tools to manage projects, as well as the managerial skills to run business. The curricular structure has been developed, taking into account the current needs of the different organizations and the variety of challenges facing executives today.

The MPM projects, offers on a single program administrative and managerial knowledge that all Executive must be to answer demanding today’s business environment, and at the same time all the theory, practice and application of the management of projects under the PMI global standards.

This specialization allows you to build projects according to standards, methods, techniques and tools that will make you the generation of tools in top management; It also allows you to develop, maintain and communicate different types of plans, which are required along the direction of the project.


  • Give the participant administrative and managerial knowledge to perform a value management in your company.
  • Develop the managerial skills of strategic thinking, business vision, orientation to results, negotiation and leadership.
  • Form the participant in the management of projects under the PMI global standards and prepare for the PMP certification exam.


Students that completed successfully studies program, sustain and approval of PEF (Final Project Evaluation), which is evaluated by the Rating Board, obtained the degree of “Master in Project Management” awarded by National Business University (NBU).


No. Title Credits
1 Financial Management Services 3
2 Analysis and Consumer Behavior 3
3 Budgets and Planning Media 3
4 Analysis and Decision Making 3
5 e-Business 3
6 Multinational Management 3
7 Cost Optimization of Human Resources 6
8 Administrative Law and Public 3
9 Cost Accounting and Management 3



No. Title Credits
10 Planning and Control of Total Quality 3
11 Organizational Management 3
12 Capital Markets 3
13 Measurement of Customer Satisfaction 3
14 Databases and Direct Marketing 3
15 Effectiveness Research Communication 3
16 Analysis and Planning Marketing 3
17 Retail and Distribution Channel 3
18 Mass Media and Communication 3
  Capstone Project 3


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