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Adopts an approach to training that integrates knowledge from different disciplines; incorporates new knowledge domain; and it extends the paradigms of approach to the management of organizations.

Guiding its proposal of training to the development of skills, from a systemic vision of the modern organization, respond to the demands of the business leadership for conflict resolution, decision-making and strategic planning.

This program is aimed to prepare intermediate and superior administrative pictures which are necessary to establish academic, administrative and organizational conditions that allow improving the productivity and the search for administrative excellence in the business sector.

The reason that leads people to pursue an MBA is to expand your professional horizon towards the field of business management, from the learning acquired in the period of higher education or professional experience.


The master in business administration (MBA), uses an approach to training that integrates knowledge from different disciplines; incorporating a solid knowledge of the most innovative techniques of business management, with a special emphasis on new technologies and the development of managerial skills, which are increasingly the differential factor in the business world.

This program develops a global strategic thinking, which allows to understand and integrate the company as a whole, as well as the geographical or sectorial environment in which this competes; mastering new technologies of management and business decisions. Capabilities are acquired to assess the feasibility of new business projects, the systematic analysis of generating opportunities, arising from a correct decision making factors. Also develops a spirit of entrepreneurship, a key in the generation of new projects and work in team.

Student Profile

Business Administration student must have the following skills and abilities:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Assertive communication
  • Good human relations
  • Easy to communicate
  • Ability to work in team
  • Interest in addressing problems

Profile of the Professional

The profile of National Business University graduates, is professionals in the area of management with scientific and technical knowledge so that they stand out in their discipline by ability and skills that allow them to anticipate the problems of their professional field, while maintaining a commitment to the development of local, regional, national and performing its activity with a high sense of social responsibility.


Students that completed successfully studies program, sustain and approval of PEF (Final Project Evaluation), which is evaluated by the Rating Board, obtained the degree of “Master in Project Management” awarded by National Business University (NBU).


No. Title Credits
1 Financial Management Services 3
2 Analysis and Consumer Behavior 3
3 Budgets and Planning Media 3
4 Analysis and Decision Making 3
5 e-Business 3
6 Multinational Management 3
7 Cost Optimization of Human Resources 6
8 Administrative Laws and Public 3
9 Cost Accounting and Management 3



No. Title Credits
10 Planning and Control of Total Quality 3
11 Organizational Management 3
12 Capital Markets 3
13 Human Behavior in Organizations 3
14 Ecology and Human Impact 3
15 Management Information Technology 3
16 World Politics and Globalization 3
17 Planning Business Companies 3
18 Investment Strategies 3
  Capstone Project 3


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