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The master in international trade, offers economic and managerial analysis for targeted decision-making tools to optimize and streamline the efforts of businesses in international markets. Similarly, it deals with the management at the general level and financial in particular.

There is currently a large number of professionals who are working in areas related to international trade; however, for the purposes of maintaining a full and growing access to the new environment of global markets, better professional training in the latest developments of the discipline is required. The abilities and skills of the specialist in international trade are the instruments that allow you to make contributions to the development of the society in the field of marketing products and services, process optimization and efficient use of productive resources.


  • Develop and improve the skills of managers, so that they can make a trade within a framework of open economy policies.
  • Prepare executives, so they are able to direct the productive transformation required in economic processes to compete successfully in world markets.
  • Train professionals in the area of international trade, able to contribute to the development of a more efficient society in terms of openness to trade, negotiations, and financial management of business in the environment cultural and economic partner of the country.

Profile of the Professional

The profile of National Business University graduates, is professionals in the area of management with scientific and technical knowledge, so that they stand out in their discipline by ability and skills that allow them to anticipate the problems of their professional field, while maintaining a commitment to the development of local, regional, national and performing its activity with a high sense of social responsibility.


No. Title Credits
1 Financial Management Services 3
2 Analysis and Consumer Behavior 3
3 Budgets and Planning Media 3
4 Analysis and Decision Making 3
5 e-Business 3
6 Multinational Management 3
7 Cost Optimization of Human Resources 6
8 Administrative Laws and Public 3
9 Cost Accounting and Management 3



No. Title Credits
10 Planning and Control of Total Quality 3
11 Organizational Management 3
12 Capital Markets 3
13 Policy in International Trade 3
14 International Finance and Taxation 3
15 International Distribution 3
16 Trade Operations 3
17 International Trade Laws 3
18 International Transport 3
  Capstone Project 3



Students that completed successfully studies program, sustain and approval of PEF (Final Project Evaluation), which is evaluated by the Rating Board, obtained the degree of “Master in Project Management” awarded by National Business University (NBU).

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