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This program prepares and forms high level professionals, able to develop in different sectors, strengthening its experience in areas such as financial advisory, asset management, private banking, management of investment funds, analysts, financial departments, insurance, investments, runners bag, etc.

It will provide the student the versatility in the principles of finance, economics, accounting and marketing. The economic part integrates concepts with the application of toolsanalysis to a variety of situations. It addresses the economy from its intellectual points of view, from the past to the current evolution of economic thought. This program has been developed from a perspective of decision-making in a practical context, which includes the reality of economic and financial problems that today’s executives face every day.


  • To train professionals with a broad vision, both in how economic financial business Act capable of developing and research financial strategies in enterprises or organizations of integral and contextual way to national and international developments.
  • To understand the importance that represents finance as a tool for planning and evaluation.
  • Evidence analysis tools of economic information for making financial decisions.
  • Generate knowledge for those who work or want to develop in national and international financial markets.
  • Develop skills in structuring and interpretation of economic models.
  • Facilitate the business management with information technology.
  • Understand and visualize the operation of financial instruments and its application to the companies.
  • Meet the criteria and methods of financial evaluation at different levels.

Professional Profile

Graduate of National Business University in the master’s degree in finance and economics, is prepared for:

Update and improve the administrative management of the company, applying tools and financial concepts.

You can diagnose the economic and financial situation of the company, identified the problems and the causes that originate them.

You can prepare and execute an investment project with its tools for the success of his administration.

You can evaluate the different sources of financing those companies, as well as the profitable investment in the money market and capital alternatives.

Student Profile

This master’s degree is designed for managers, executives and professionals who work in financial or complementary areas of the company. Also those who wish to integrate.


Students that completed successfully studies program, sustain and approval of PEF (Final Project Evaluation), which is evaluated by the Rating Board, obtained the degree of “Master in Project Management” awarded by National Business University (NBU).


No. Title Credits
1 Financial Management Services 3
2 Analysis and Consumer Behavior 3
3 Budgets and Planning Media 3
4 Analysis and Decision Making 3
5 e-Business 3
6 Multinational Management 3
7 Cost Optimization of Human Resources 6
8 Administrative Law and Public 3
9 Cost Accounting and Management 3



No. Title Credits
10 Planning and Control of Total Quality 3
11 Organizational Management 3
12 Capital Markets 3
13 Markets and Financial Institutions 3
14 Capital Markets and Risk Management 3
15 Strategic Financial Planning 3
16 Mergers and Acquisitions 3
17 Investment Strategies and Analysis 3
18 Corporate Financial Operations 3
  Capstone Project 3


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