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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:27

The Art of Recruiting Negotiation

Hiring good employees is just the beginning of the competition to seek and retain the best talent in the business.

Some experts share their secrets for the candidates and negotiate a successful recruitment.


  • Even when it goes against the conventional wisdom of waiting until the offer to bring up compensation, job candidates are not the only one thinking about it.
  • It is important to determinate if money is going to be a stumbling block.  Ask for it, and if their expectations are reasonable, move forward. And if not, there is when negotiation comes into play.
  • Reiterate the Agreement is necessary to be sure if both have the same amount still in mind. More than a confirmation is a potential negotiation.
  • Once you have compensation agreement, it is important to verify that the employee can be part of the organizational culture. Especially young people in their first job must learn to work in a community setting and making teamwork. On the other hand, persons who have worked in multinational or large companies can have some type of difficulty to work in small companies
  • The job itself is an advantage to negotiate with a potential new hire, especially if the candidate is young and isn’t completely thrilled about the compensation package.
  • Establish and build a relationship and help reveal more information to manage HR decisions to hire or not the potential employee.
  • Go into the interview knowing the salary range, bonuses, vacation time and other perks you can offer, and think ahead a few moves to potential requests candidates might make. Be ready to respond to certain questions or proposals.
  • And once the offer has been made, it is important that RH does no more offerings. You must wait for the other person move the piece to continue the talks since about selling the position can give the impression of a need to fill it.
  • One of the biggest mistakes in negotiating jobs is to focus only on the money issue. It is also important to mention the bonuses, vacation and other compensation packages that the company can offer.


Based in Wendy Webb publication. Wendy Webb is a freelance journalist and author based in Minnesota. www.talentmgt.com

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