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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:27

Ethics, values and foundations at work

A human being as rational being in continuous interaction with society and in their daily relationships is constantly faced with problems like these:

  • Keeping promises even though that will bring some problems
  • I defend or flee to avoid being attacked on the street.
  • Be against or in favor of war
  • Consider themselves as good people shown charitable to the beggar at your door as well as employer exploiting workers and employees of your company.

These are some of the problems that occur in practice and which arise from emotional relationships between individuals, or to judge their actions with respect to its position on others, in this case there are problems whose solution affects not only the person who makes the decision, but can also affect others.

In those situations, individuals have the need to adjust their behavior to rules that are accepted and recognized as binding and agree to them understand how to act in this case the behavior is the result of a thoughtful decision and not spontaneous or natural, so also the other judge by the rules.

So acts or modes of behavior of men to certain problems and judgments that such acts are approved or disapproved are moral, these acts and moral judgments presuppose certain rules that indicate what should be done and resolved is how the problems of real life under the established rules and sometimes arguments or reasons are used to justify the decision.

Ethical problems are characterized by their generality, given a real-life situation, the problem of how to act so that their actions can be classified as good or morally valuable, solves itself with the help of a rule that accepts and It acknowledges, is how ethics can tell if a behavior subject to rules is good or bad, according to the good that is pursued with the moral behavior of an individual within a group. Treatment of general problems of the behavior to be adopted in specific situations is treated by the researcher of morality, that is, the ethical.

Aristotle posed in ancient times the theoretical problem of defining what is good, his task was to investigate the content of the good and not determine what the individual should do in each case for the act to be considered as well, to treat the problem theoretically what good is leading the way and the overall framework for action that men can guide their behavior in particular situations.

There are several ethical theories that revolve around the definition of good, thinking that by knowing what it is, you might know what to do or not, but the results show that good can be happiness or pleasure, other useful, power, production, cars, houses, etc.

Another problem linked to the essence of the moral act is the responsibility, since when talking about moral behavior, the individual is responsible for his actions, that is, to do what you want to do, or choose among several alternatives and act according to the decision, to decide and act in a given situation is a practical-moral problem, but to investigate the relationship between moral responsibility and determinism freedom are subject to which the acts is a theoretical problem to apply ethics. 

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