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Why Should I choose NBU?

NBU is born with the aim of bringing new approaches to the training of professionals for through the management of ideas management spirit, social responsibility of the companies and projects intended throughout the term sustainability is possible to build a new model more humane and effective. Some of the qualities that make us stand out as business school are:

  • Managers Administrators in NBU is given the possibility to develop the skills that are incubated within our facilities in the areas of administration, finance, marketing, human resources and project management.
  • Immediate tangible results - our programs allow you to apply from the minute one all what go learning. In this way not only will be reinforced as a professional, but that its success will benefit their colleagues and industry.
  • Integration in the community of NBU- as National Business University student will be part of a community of professionals from all areas and business sectors where you can knit a valuable network of contacts and knowledge
How do I apply?

You can access on the admission link and fill out the official application for admission. For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is the profile of the students?

NBU offers students with a clear profile of the University, empirical Professional without having obtained the University degree with relevant experience who wishes to acquire knowledge of immediate application in your projects and/or industries in support of the development of the administrative areas. Students have high experience in the world of work in an average of three to five years in management.

What is the methodology of study?

Interactive classes, theoretical- practical, group dynamics, case discussion forums online, directed readings, audiovisual support.

  • Update seminars and conferences

You must enroll in different conferences and seminars of update management, taught virtual, which have educational credits

  • B-Learning

Moodle platform designed for easy understanding and 24/7 support to reinforce the chats online, forums, tasks and research based on social constructivism, among others.

  • The case method

The main objective of the NBU method is that students learn by themselves, by independent thought processes. In the case method, the Professor acts as a catalyst. It designates the case studies and promotes an environment favorable to the group discussion through forums and interactive chats; its aim is to guide the process of teaching and learning.

What counts as work experience?

It is important to mention in the application prior experience that is relevant to the fact study a Bachelor or Masters.

Why choose an online degree program?

Connecting You To What Matters Most NBU believe the right resources are key to reaching the next level. Our sophisticated suite of learning tools not only fits your mobile lifestyle, it’s completely personalized around you.

Which are the benefits of an Online Program that offers NBU?
  • Maintain a work, life, education balance
  • Adjust your education with flexible learning options
  • Connect to courses anywhere you have internet
  • 24/7 tutoring services
What does National Business University offer?

National Business University offers various online distance learning degrees:


  • Bachelor in Business Administration


  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master in Finance and Economy
  • Master in Human Resources
  • Master in International Trade
  • Master in Marketing and Advertising
  • Master in Project Management
How long does the admissions process take?

NBU is an open enrollment private university and does not require any assessment testing as part of the admissions acceptance process. The process will depend on how quickly you complete the online application.

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